Perky's Foodservice Concepts: Perky's Pizza Perky's Pizza Foodservice Concepts: Perky's Quality Pizza Products

The delicious Perky’s Pizza recipe is proprietary to our company so you will not be able to get the same products anywhere else. All of the Perky's Products are free of Transfats. Each of the individual pizza components and flavor combinations has been developed with much care, to achieve the perfect balance of seasonings and character that make up a perfect Perky’s Pizza.

The great flavor of the Pizza is the #1 reason why so many business owners select Perky’s for their compact pizzeria solution - It’s the Taste!

A flavorful pizza dough is the foundation of any great pizza. Perky's takes great pride in our proprietary doughs, each with their own special touch to flavor a Perky's Pizza.

Perky's Pizza Foodservice Concepts: Dough Ball Perky’s Dough Ball
  • Distinctive gourmet flavor profile
  • Perky’s proprietary dough recipe with our own
    blend of special flavors
  • Bakes to a rich, golden brown color
  • Individually frozen for ease of handling
  • Frozen fresh to retain quality and flavor
Perky's Pizza Foodservice Concepts: Par Baked Crust Perky’s Par Baked Crust
  • For high volume or quick prep locations
  • Great tasting Par Baked Pizza Crust
  • Packaged for extended product life, efficiency and reduced waste
  • Storage: Frozen-180 Days, Refrigerated-14 Days,
    Room Temperature- 1 Day
  • Easy preparation and storage
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